Assign GeoGebra Resources

Introducing GeoGebra Classroom

GeoGebra Resources like Activities and Books can be easily shared with students through GeoGebra Classroom, without the need for students to log in or have a GeoGebra account. GeoGebra Classroom is an online course system that supports real-time collaboration between teachers and students in both digital and in-person courses. 


In the virtual platform, teachers can:

  • Assign interactive and engaging activities to students
  • Monitor the progress of a specific task that is being worked on
  • Check which tasks have been processed and which are pending
  • Ask the class questions and see instant responses from students
  • Anonymize student names when displaying their answers to the class
  • Add more teachers to view the work of the students
  • Hold discussions with all students, groups of students, or individual students

For more information and detailed instructions on using GeoGebra Classroom, have a look at the official tutorial.

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Google Classroom Integration

You can now easily assign GeoGebra Resources to Google Classroom. This integration enables you to combine the benefits of Google Classroom with the real-time updates and interactive nature of GeoGebra Classroom. By using this feature, you can easily distribute GeoGebra assignments and monitor student progress in one centralized location.




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