Create GeoGebra Resources

There are two ways to create GeoGebra Resources: you can either copy and modify existing resources from other users, or create your own Resources from scratch.

Copy and modify existing resources

To copy and modify existing GeoGebra Resources, you first need to find the resource you want to use. Once you have found the resource you want to use, click on the 3dots menu in the upper right corner, then select Copy Activity in the context menu displayed to make a copy of the resource. This will create a new version of the resource that you can modify and adapt to your needs.

Create your own resources 

To create your own resource, start by clicking on the CREATE button on your profile page and selecting the type of resource you want to create. This will take you to the Activity editor, where you can add elements, create interactive materials, and customize the appearance and functionality of your resource. In case you want to create a Book, you will be taken to the Book editor. Once you are finished, you can save your resource and share it with others.

Activity Editor

To create a dynamic Activity in GeoGebra, you can add various elements such as text, images, videos, and GeoGebra applets. You can also embed web pages or PDF files or ask open-ended or multiple-choice questions. These elements allow you to create engaging and interactive Activities that promote active learning.


To learn more about adding elements to your GeoGebra Activities, check out the official tutorial. It provides detailed explanations and examples of each element.

Book Editor

GeoGebra Books allow you to collect and structure multiple GeoGebra Activities in one place. The title page of the book editor allows you to add general information and metadata about your GeoGebra Book. This metadata can help other users in the GeoGebra community search for and benefit from your resources.


Once you have entered the information about your new Book, click Save and start adding your content. The editor for Books will automatically open, and you can add existing Activities, create new ones, and structure your Book by adding chapters. To add existing Activities to your Book, simply click on Add Activities and select the Activities you want to include. To create a new Activity, click on Create Activity and follow the prompts. For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how to create GeoGebra Resources, refer to the official tutorial on the GeoGebra website.


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