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Introducing GeoGebra Resources

GeoGebra Resources are interactive learning materials created using GeoGebra's suite of math apps. These resources cover various mathematical concepts, including functions, geometry, algebra, statistics, and 3D visualization. They are designed by the GeoGebra community and GeoGebra, to help other teachers and students explore and understand math in a dynamic and engaging way.

GeoGebra Resources can be Activities or Books that are shared within the GeoGebra community. They can also be customized and adapted by teachers to suit their specific teaching needs and objectives. GeoGebra Resources are available for free under the Creative Commons license. For further details please visit our the GeoGebra license page



GeoGebra Activity

A GeoGebra Activity is an interactive educational resource designed for teaching and learning mathematics using GeoGebra tools. It combines dynamic mathematical content with text, images, videos, and other media elements to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. GeoGebra Activities can be used in classrooms or online environments, facilitating exploration, visualization, and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

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GeoGebra Book

A GeoGebra Book is a collection of interactive GeoGebra Activities organized in a structured manner. These Books serve as a powerful tool for educators and students, allowing them to explore, learn, and visualize various mathematical concepts through a series of related Activities

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To learn more about creating your own Activities and Books, see the Create GeoGebra Resources article.

For a deeper understanding of finding, creating, and editing GeoGebra Resources, explore our official tutorial. This comprehensive guide provides detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions to help you get the most out of GeoGebra's powerful features.

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