Introducing the 3D Calculator 

The GeoGebra 3D Calculator is an innovative and interactive tool designed to help you visualize and explore three-dimensional mathematical concepts. With this powerful app, you can create and manipulate 3D geometric objects, plot functions and surfaces, and investigate spatial relationships. Its dynamic features enable users to rotate, zoom, and explore 3D models, providing a deeper understanding of complex geometrical concepts. 



The 3D Calculator comprises the following components:

  • Graphics View: Showcases the visual representation of all created objects, such as points, solids, planes and many more 3D objects, providing an interactive 3D canvas for exploring mathematical relationships.
  • Algebra View: Displays the algebraic representations of all created objects, like coordinates and equations, and enables you to enter algebraic expressions or commands.
  • Tools View: Offers a range of essential tools for constructing points, planes, solids and vectors, as well as performing various actions like zooming, measuring, and transforming objects.
  • Augmented Reality View: Mobile Apps also offer the possibility to use Augmented Reality (AR). With AR you can place math objects on any surface, walk around them and take screenshots from different angles.

Explore the GeoGebra 3D Calculator

Discover or Download the 3D Calculator 

Accessible online, as well as on Android and iOS, it offers a consistent experience across various platforms with minor differences. For devices with a different operating system, consider using the GeoGebra Web version in your web browser as an alternative.

Discover the full potential of the GeoGebra 3D Calculator by exploring our official tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions to guide you through its features and functionalities.


Note: The 3D Calculator is also part of the Calculator Suite. To access the complete range of GeoGebra features, consider using the comprehensive Calculator Suite instead.


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