Introducing Classic 

GeoGebra Classic is a versatile, free dynamic math software which combines geometry, algebra, tables, graphics, statistics, and analysis into one comprehensive package.

The GeoGebra team and numerous volunteer users employ GeoGebra Classic in authoring projects to create high-quality materials. For daily classroom work and interaction with learners, we recommend the GeoGebra Calculator Suite, as it offers a more user-friendly experience, is optimized for mobile devices and receives more regular maintenance.



Features of GeoGebra Classic:

  • Geometry, algebra, and tables are dynamically linked
  • Computer algebra system for symbolic calculations
  • 3D graphic view available
  • Intuitive interface with many powerful features
  • Tool for creating interactive teaching materials
  • Available in multiple languages for millions of users worldwide
  • Open-source software, free for non-commercial use

Explore Classic 

Discover or Download Classic 

You can use GeoGebra Classic online. You can also download GeoGebra Classic on your computer to use it offline. Discover numerous examples and detailed instructions for GeoGebra Classic in the official Learn GeoGebra Classic tutorial.

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