Introducing Notes

GeoGebra Notes is a dynamic math app designed for teaching and documentation purposes. It allows for the creation of multiple pages with the ability to write and insert various interactive media, making it suitable for different subjects and any class setting.


With GeoGebra Notes, you can:

  • Write and annotate objects using pen and highlighter tools
  • Insert images, videos, audio files, and websites
  • Add text, tables, and equations
  • Create mind maps and diagrams
  • Embed GeoGebra Calculator Suite (Graphing Calculator, 3D Calculator, Geometry, CAS, and Probability tools)
  • Utilize multiple pages for organizing content
  • Choose different lines for background customization
  • Select objects and modify their size and style
  • Create geometric shapes like triangles, lines, circles, and rectangles
  • Measure distances and angles
  • Save and share your work with others for collaboration

Explore GeoGebra Notes

Discover Notes

You can access GeoGebra Notes online or incorporate it as a component in a GeoGebra Activity. Learn more about this process in the article titled Overview of GeoGebra Resources.


Discover the full potential of the GeoGebra Notes by exploring our official tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions to guide you through its features and functionalities.

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