Teachers: Using GeoGebra Math Practice in class


You want to use GeoGebra Math Practice in your teaching, but don't know how to get started? On this page, you can find useful information for how to include this learning-changing tool into your lessons:


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What is GeoGebra Math Practice?

GeoGebra Math Practice offers new ways for learners to access algebraic transformation in an understandable way. This tool will help your students to build comfort and fluency in solving algebraic problems, like simplifying algebraic expressions or solving linear equations.

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What are the key elements in GeoGebra Math Practice?

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  1. Interactive notation to build comfort and fluency with algebraic transformations
  2. Adaptive hints and in-the-moment feedback to explore different solution paths
  3. Comprehensive help and guidance focused on improving students' understanding of basic concepts

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What are the design principles behind GeoGebra Math Practice?

We designed GeoGebra Math Practice to…

  • Provide fast and accurate feedback, designed by teachers who actually know how to best help and guide students.
  • Provide a smooth online interface for doing step-by-step math. Based on academic research, we actually know it to be faster and easier to use than paper and pencil, with more effective learning outcomes.
  • Put the focus on algebraic reasoning by scaffolding arithmetic and visualizing how equivalency transformations “modify” mathematical expressions.
  • Provide a space for students to explore different solution pathways, and to solve problems in many different ways.
  • Provide clarity whether what you are trying is working, to limit distracting and demotivating mistakes.

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How can I use GeoGebra Math Practice in class?

You can use GeoGebra Math Practice in several classroom settings. Get inspired by one of our suggestions in the list below.

Ideas for how to use GeoGebra Math Practice:

  • Warm-up activity for your students
  • Introducing a new math topic: What do you notice and guided exploration phases
  • Tutoring tool: Engaging place for extra practice, repetition, and fluency
  • Students self-diagnose mistakes or get unstuck with homework

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