Introducing GeoGebra Math Practice

GeoGebra Math Practice guides students in their step-by-step work through algebra problems. It combines GeoGebra’s in-house Solver Engine and the research-based Graspable Math technology to provide interactive notation, adaptive hints, and live feedback that allows students to explore different solution paths, increase procedural fluency, and support conceptual understanding.


GeoGebra Math Practice is a collaboration between GeoGebra and Graspable Math, and is free to use for teachers and students.

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Discover GeoGebra Math Practice

Open GeoGebra Math Practice and discover the beauty of problem solving in a new way!


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These are the key features of GeoGebra Math Practice:

  • Use Graspable Math’s dynamic notation to manipulate and solve algebraic problems with interactive gestures and animations.
  • Get visual and conceptual hints for a good next step, provided by GeoGebra’s Solver Engine.
  • Get instant feedback on every step.
  • Freely rewrite the problem with the virtual GeoGebra math keyboard.
  • Practice similar problems to deepen your understanding of key skills.


Your feedback is important!

Help to improve our practice tool by reporting problems or issues to

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Supported Topics

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GeoGebra Math Practice is currently capable of assisting with problems of the following topics:

  • Order of operations
    • Arithmetic operations
    • Fraction operations
    • Exponent operations
  • Algebraic expressions
    • Distribution of algebraic expressions
    • Simplifying fractional expressions
  • Polynomials
    • Rewriting to standard form
    • Adding and subtracting polynomials
    • Dividing by monomials
  • Linear equations
    • 1-step, 2-step and multi-step linear equations
    • Solving linear equations with multiple or no solutions

You can also use GeoGebra Math Practice with other examples, but you may not receive accurate hints and feedback. Over the next couple of months, we will add support for more topics. Let us know which topics you’d like to see!

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