GeoGebra Apps can be used in an Exam Mode, which provides three different levels of security to meet different needs. These include:

  • GeoGebra's own student-initiated exam mode
  • Teacher-initiated exam mode
  • Mobile Device Manager (MDM) initiated exam mode

With GeoGebra's Exam Mode, both teachers and students can benefit from the app's features during paper-based exams while ensuring that access to the internet or other software is restricted to prevent cheating.


The GeoGebra Exam Mode...

  • is integrated in the GeoGebra Math Apps.
  • runs on your mobile device without additional installations.
  • runs in full screen mode, leaving no room for other information on the screen.
  • does not allow access to the Internet, the GeoGebra Website or files stored on the computer or mobile device.
  • blocks the Apps on your mobile device.
  • triggers an easily recognizable visual alarm once exam mode is exited without permission.

The GeoGebra Apps are trusted and widely used globally for taking exams on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

The following table provides an overview of which applications have the exam mode available on which platforms.


For more detailed information and instructions on the different uses of GeoGebra Apps in exams, check out the official tutorial. For answers to frequently asked questions, see our Exam Mode page in the FAQ category.


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