GeoGebra Tools and Features: An Overview

At GeoGebra, we offer a diverse range of products, broadly categorized into GeoGebra Apps and GeoGebra Resources, all of which can be accessed through the GeoGebra Website. Our GeoGebra Apps are widely used in mathematics, physics, computer science, and chemistry classes. The GeoGebra Calculator Suite stands as a powerful successor to the Classic App, which has been employed in classrooms worldwide for over two decades and continues to be a popular choice among authors for creating engaging applets.

The GeoGebra Website serves as a comprehensive platform that provides detailed information on using the apps, step-by-step tutorials, and troubleshooting assistance. Additionally, the website features resources created by our community members and the GeoGebra team. These resources, consisting of online Activities and Books, can be easily shared with learners through GeoGebra Classroom or Google Classroom. You can customize resources to suit your needs, all in accordance with the GeoGebra Creative Commons License.



What does the GeoGebra Website offer? 

Easily accessible at, the GeoGebra Website invites you to explore the full range of GeoGebra offerings.

With the GeoGebra Website, you can:

  • Browse Engaging Content: Discover captivating GeoGebra resources, such as Activities and Books, created by authors worldwide.
  • Learn with Tutorials: Download GeoGebra Apps and master their usage through comprehensive tutorials.
  • Access Apps Online: Launch GeoGebra Apps directly from the website for a seamless experience.
  • Create & Share: Design your own GeoGebra resources, publish them online, and share with our thriving community.
  • Organize Your Work: Use our folder system or upload existing files to your GeoGebra profile for efficient content management.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest features and enhancements for our GeoGebra Apps.

Learn how to find, create and modify resources and more using the GeoGebra Website by following our official tutorial.

Discover the GeoGebra Calculator Suite

The GeoGebra Calculator Suite is a dynamic math app that brings together the most popular GeoGebra calculators in a single, easy-to-use platform. Accessible online, it's also available for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices. For other operating systems, simply use the web version in your browser.

With the GeoGebra Calculator Suite, you can:

  • Plot 2D and 3D functions, equations, curves, and surfaces
  • Generate tables of values
  • Solve equations
  • Compute derivatives and integrals
  • Investigate transformations using sliders
  • Identify special points of functions, such as zeros, extrema, and intersections
  • Analyze various types of regressions
  • Construct geometric shapes and 3D objects
  • Measure lengths, circumferences, and areas
  • Examine point traces and loci
  • Explore the interplay between sliders, points, functions, and geometry
  • Delve into construction steps for deeper understanding
  • Calculate probability distributions and conduct statistical tests
  • Seamlessly switch between graphing, geometry, CAS, 3D calculator, and probability modes
  • Search for free study resources within the app
  • Save and share your results with others

Discover the full potential of the GeoGebra Calculator Suite by exploring our official tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions to guide you through its features and functionalities.

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