New GeoGebra Math Resources


We are excited to announce a new addition to our suite of resources for teachers of grades 4-8!

GeoGebra is excited to announce the release of our new GeoGebra-created high-quality free digital math practice materials to foster learning and engagement! These resources are specifically designed for teachers to use immediately in their classrooms, catering to students in grades 4 to 8 as warm-ups, lesson explorations, practice exercises, or exit tickets. They now appear on our new webpages where they are organized by topic and grade level.

At GeoGebra, we have always thrived on our vibrant community-created resources. With the collection of extensive teacher input and feedback, we have been able to add these new GeoGebra-created resources to that collection in order to extend our ability to meet teacher demands.

With an emphasis on student engagement, our new resources are highly interactive and aligning with current theories on effective learning. By infusing this interactive and playful spirit into the materials, we aim to make math enjoyable and captivating for students. Moreover, our resources are student-centered and discovery-based, empowering learners to make choices digitally, seek help when needed, and take control of their own learning.

We invite all teachers to experience the transformative power of GeoGebra's new digital resources. Explore the wealth of engaging materials, seamlessly integrate them into your math classes, and witness the impact they have on student learning.

To access GeoGebra's free digital resources, please visit Discover the possibilities, ignite a love for math, and shape the future of education with GeoGebra!

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