The GeoGebra Exam Mode is a specialized feature designed for use during assessments and exams. It allows your students to access GeoGebra's powerful tools while ensuring academic integrity by restricting access to other applications or websites. With Exam Mode, you can confidently integrate GeoGebra's dynamic capabilities into your testing strategies.

This can be accomplished to suit your needs by using any one of three different levels of security:

  • GeoGebra’s own student-initiated Exam Mode
  • Teacher-initiated Exam Mode
  • Mobile Device Manager (MDM)-initiated Exam Mode


How can I use the Exam Mode?

To get started with Exam Mode, take a look at our GeoGebra on Tests Tutorial.

Where can I find the Exam Mode?

The Exam Mode is a built in option in most of our apps. You can start the Exam Mode by selecting Exam Mode in the app menu. If your app doesn't have this menu entry, it means that the Exam Mode is not available for this specific version. Please note that in order to run Exam Mode your Android device needs Android version 5 or higher.

Which GeoGebra Apps support Exam Mode?

Exam Mode is available for most of the GeoGebra apps. Please have a look at the following overview.


Why is Exam Mode not available on the web apps?

Using the Exam Mode on the web version is not possible, because the browser restricts us from locking down the device. Without locking down the device we can not provide a secure exam environment.

Why is Exam Mode not supported on my Android 4 phone?

The option to lock down a device, which is necessary to run Exam Mode, is a built in option provided by Android. This option was introduced with Android 5.

How can I prevent that my students exit the GeoGebra Exam Mode and cheat?

For secure function of the GeoGebra Exam Mode in high-stakes exams we recommend:

Chrome OS: Kiosk mode
Windows: Take a Test Mode (or other MDM)
iOS: MDM like Jamf or AirWatch
Safe Exam Browser

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