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Arabic numbers on the axes

Solved Hazem H. Arabic Comments: 3 Reply 4 months ago by Michael B.
4 votes

A big mistake in the Arabic numbering

Solved eemaree Arabic Comments: 8 Reply 4 months ago by Michael B.
4 votes

مشكلة عدم الحفظ

New مراد ا. Arabic Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by Simona R.
2 votes

GeoGebra note Arabic support

New hamzefatfat Arabic Comments: 1 Reply 1 year ago by alirezagholamian
3 votes

how to run with sequence

Not a Problem eemaree Arabic Comments: 9 Reply 1 year ago by rami
1 vote


New Hakim Z. Arabic Comments: 1 Reply 4 years ago by ccambre
2 votes

Numbers are represented in reverse order

New Hazem H. 5 years ago Arabic No Comments
3 votes
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