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Change 3d point capture style causes zoom

New rafael Comments: 1 Reply 22 hours ago by Michael B.
1 vote

Merge GeoGebra Groups with GeoGebra Classroom

Under Consideration Kyle V. Comments: 8 Reply 1 day ago by Michael B.
2 votes

Union de 2 courbes

Answered Mahamat H. Comments: 17 Reply 3 days ago by rami
1 vote

Сan the guest see my folders

Answered Елена А. Comments: 2 Reply 5 days ago by Елена А.
1 vote


Answered gaoder Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by gaoder
1 vote

How stop entry of exponent?

Answered Mark92691 Comments: 1 Reply 6 days ago by Simona R.
1 vote

Has slider real time speed decreased over time?

Needs Answer rfv Comments: 12 Reply 1 week ago by rfv
1 vote
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