Zero (0) automatically deleted after decimal in GeoGebra Probability Statistics

Mitch Keller shared this problem 3 years ago
In Progress

If I use the Statistics tab of GeoGebra Probability (Mac Safari, Mac Firefox, and standalone GGB Classic on Mac all tested) and want to enter a number such as 0.01 or 1.803 or anything where a zero appears somewhere after the decimal point, the 0 is immediately gobbled up by some JavaScript. I’m trying to use GeoGebra Probability to teach my statistics class, and this is rendering it nearly impossible to use for hypothesis testing at the moment. I don’t recall this being a problem a week or two ago, so it seems to be something that was updated in the most recent release. Hopefully this is an easy fix/reversion that can be rolled out immediately.

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Is there any update on this? It's been 3.5 months and the problem is still there. Surely this cannot be a hard problem to track down.

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