y=atand(x) outputs in radians

WG1234 shared this question 1 year ago
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Hi, I understand that atand(x) is supposed to output an answer in degrees whereas atan(x) will output an answer in radians.

When I plotted the graph of y=atand(x), its output is still in radians whereas atand(3) will give an answer in degrees.

Is there some global setting I missed somewhere (I have already set up a "Degrees" unit for Angle in main menu)

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there's a different between a calculation, the graph of a function and the numbers on the axes. If you want to see the result of the function atan in degrees: Open the Settings of the Graphics, select y-Axis and type something as 30° in the Distance-field to show the number on the y-Axis in degrees (don't forget the ° sign). Result is something like this:



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