Ya no puedo mover los objetos

Jonathan Orihuela Soriano shared this problem 2 years ago

Quiero arrastrar los objetos, selecciono la opción de mover y arrastrar, pero solo me deja seleccionar.

¿Qué puedo hacer?

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You cannot move objects that depend on other objects (e.g. intersection points, some vertices of regular polygons created with the tool, etc...), so first of all check if the objects that you cannot move are dependent.

Then right click on an object that you cannot move, and select Object Properties to open its properties window.

- In the Basic tab, the Fix object checkbox must be deselected.

- In the Advanced tab, the Selection allowed checkbox must be selected

If all those conditions are met and you still can't move the objects, please post here your file.


Please post your .ggb file

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