wrong slider time - geogebra bug?

Cecilia Lucía Gigena shared this question 1 year ago
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Manual says that a slider is supposed to take 10 seconds to run from side tu side, unless a velocity different to 1 is setted.

I timed with a chronometer my slider with velocity = 1, and... No, it takes WAY MORE than 10 seconds to complete 1 cycle.

How can I know the ACTUAL period? So that I can modify velocity accordingly. (I keep timing but it's not an accurate measure.)

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No es posible pues depende también de la velocidad del ordenador usado y de las paradas imperceptibles que puede haber en el movimiento


WAY MORE than 10 seconds

so how long? Please post your .ggb file


It's hard to measure accurately because of human reaction time. I have to turn a chronometer AND the slider on at the same time. I tried turning a chronometer on around 10 seconds before turning the slider on, so that I can sort of "practice" to make them match, and then substracting 10 to the measured time, and I found around 13 seconds (I measured 23-24 seconds and substracted 10).

Please try to measure yours and we'll see if we both have the same issue. I am attaching my file but I'm not sure if it actually helps, considering what mathmagic said.


por curiosidad he hecho la siguiente prueba en version 5 version6 y en la classic online

un deslizador con min=-5 max=5 speed=1 incrementando

he puesto a funcionar el deslizador y un crono al mismo tiempo durante seis recorridos completos en los tres casos

en uno he contabilizado 61 segundos en otro 59 segundos 60 centesimas y en el otro 60 segundos justos

o sea que la temporización es correcta desde mi punto de vista (claro, que todo ha sido con el mismo ordenador)



My measure = 10s


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