Wrong resizing of dual graphics views by moving the horizontal separating bar in fullscreen mode

Robert T. shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

I really like the online fullscreen mode which can be activated by clicking the little fullscreen symbol in the lower right corner. In some of my applets I use the wonderful dual graphics abilities of Geogebra, the "Graphics" view and the "Graphics 2" view. Usually I place "Graphics 2" view above the "Graphics" view.

Just like in desktop mode of Geogebra classic 5 there is a horizontal separating bar between both graphics views in the online fullscreen mode. Using the mouse this separating bar can be moved up and down to resize both graphics views.

Problem: In fullscreen mode of the Geogebra applet online in a browser, at the moment when I click on the separating bar and start moving the mouse pointer, the bar jumps to a much lower position. I still can move it up and down by moving the mouse, but not at the same height of the mouse pointer, and not at the same scaling. Is it a problem of my settings (graphic card, monitor, browser, etc.) or is it a known problem?

For example: https://www.geogebra.org/m/xwccva3d

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The problem seems to be solved! The mouse pointer now follows the separating bar at the correct height.

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