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Would you add Smath Studio or MathCad document and units functionality?

DwayneJ shared this question 1 year ago

This tool is pretty great as is. I wish it were available when I was in high school. It does a good job of allowing the student to drill algebra, geometry, trigonometry, & calculus. What is missing I think for students is the ability to make quality documents with inline equations and units accounting as mathcad and smath studio are capable of doing. The usefulness of this tool could be greatly extended with a mixed mode document editing plus equation editing capability, while continuing to provide immediate solutions to inline or blocked equations and the added ability to resolve units for physics students and engineers. Below is a URL document which shows what smath studio can do, smath studio is open source software as well. If this capability already exists within geogebra I have not found it please provide a pointer in that case.

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Please can you be specific about what you want in terms of GeoGebra?

(we don't know smath or have time to learn it)


Cool i knew MathCAD from my study but i did not knew that there was a OpenSource-Clone out there. The newer versions of MathCAD are not very good though.

@Dwayne you should specify better what you wish for.

I can say that those two programs (MathCAD and GGb) have a lot of in common and therefore would not give a good pair. They are from scratch made for different audiences. MathCAD is made primarily for engineering purposes and GGb primarily for teaching algebra and geometry in schools (not university). A lot of people including me 'violate' it to use it on higher fields or other purposes because it's 'sand box characteristics' while remaining simple. I could say that a lot what can be done in MathCAD can be done on GGb and vice versa. If i remember correctly animations where not possible in MathCAD in contrary it could do image processing as it was capable to access/import file content. GGb can not use SI-Units and i think it will never do in contrary it has the possibility to interact with the graphed elements and animate them. There are further differences like the ability of the CAS system or the processing capabilities.

Both are great tools and i would love to see a well made hybrid with both functionalities out there as it would be a very great teaching tool for physics and engineering.


Dear Sirs,

I find the workspace of smath studio and mathcad to be useful. It allows writing of documents directly within the interface, the math if fully integrated as part of the document writer, thus no merging is required for equations and graphs. The procedure for problem solving is self evident as the steps to solve the problem document themselves as you write the procedure for solving that problem. Geogebra at present seems to be only a problem solving and graphing tool, it would be nice although I am sure that it is not necessary to provide the features that I am requesting, to have the document processing ability. The document that I attached to my request is really quite short, any one of the three examples there illustrate fully what I am requesting and would make this request easier to understand than my attempted explanations have done, you may also simply google smath tutorial to get this document online.


Dwayne Jackson

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