Windows Metered Connections - don't auto-download updates

amg shared this idea 8 years ago

I occasionally make use of Windows Metered Connections (see if my computer is connected to the internet using my mobile phone as an access point. In Australia, mobile data can be quite expensive due to limited data plans. For example my mobile plan only allows 1GB of data for the month.

Using a metered connection automatically makes some applications behave differently, e.g. only priority windows updates download, Outlook won't connect automatically etc.

It would be good if GeoGebra could check whether the wireless connection has been set as metered before downloading any updates. For example, I am on a metered connection now and GeoGebra auto-updated from (24 October) to (9 November). I am not sure how much data is involved in such an update, but any unnecessary data use should be avoided if a metered connection is set.

I hope this suggestion makes sense and I would be happy to provide clarification if needed.

Thanks for the great work on the program.

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Sorry, we won't be able to do that. You could install the portable version, or maybe this is helpful?

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