Window size/views dispositions lost while uploading GGB file created with GeoGebra 5.x

hjbortol shared this problem 2 years ago

Before, when a ggb 5.x file was uploaded to GeoGebra materials, its window size and internal views sizes were kept. Now, when I upload a ggb 5.x, even when its window is small, GeoGebra Materials uses a very huge width/height and the views inside of it are desaligned. Two examples are attached.

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I'm having the opposite problem, everything is so small it is difficult to see. I have a file that I created in classic 5 on one computer, but I am trying to open it on a different computer and changing the window size does not help. I can change the font of individual items, but that doesn't fix the overall problem (menus, etc).

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