will %0 still work???

ccambre shared this question 4 years ago

on the Changelog pages I read that in scripting %0 will be replaced in a next version.


Will scripts in uploaded files in which e.g. SetValue[answer,%0] is used, still function, or won"t they?

I learned the syntax on the GeoGebra website itself, used the script thousands of times in the greater part of my materials, spread it in teacher courses and suggested it several times on the help pages. It would take me several months only to control and adapt all of my files just for one tiny change of syntax.

So I hope you won't make me (and others who have been using %0) do this work .

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The idea of this change is to *extend* the usage of %0 also to click and update scripts, the same way it worked (and will continue to work) for input boxes.

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