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saeedaminorroaya shared this question 12 years ago

it is appear that GeoGebra_3 have many ability and perfect performance.

in , wikipedia camparison GeoGebra emphesizes in the other software.

and by add Animation, Proof and some other export will be better.

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Can't you please correct the article. That what Wikipedia needs... :wink:

Regards, Birgit


I am not sure of where on that page the error is, but you must join the wiki page's community to edit the page. Once you have joined you can edit it. They do keep a record of who edits what.

Start by clicking on the <edit> tag.

Or was your point to ask for some new features for GeoGebra in the form of adding geometric proofs and other features that some other packages have. Although GG may not have formal proofs, many proofs have been animated and demonstrated.

If your point is for the missing features, I would applaud this request. I do believe that the developers are working on some of these improvements that you desire.

Also, I noticed that not all of the information within this comparison is correct, which is a distinct possibility in this type of comparison. It says GSP does not do proofs, but I have seen some GSP pages with proofs.


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