Why Can't I find some of my Applets when Creating an Activity

David shared this question 3 years ago

When trying to add a GeoGebra Classic resource arctan2 https://www.geogebra.org/m/rtdxstbu to the activity https://www.geogebra.org/m/y2gdjxez, I use the Add Element, GeoGebra. Then search by name and url (see picture). Some of my private and public resources are found which I uploaded before May. However none of my recent resources are available.

Why can't I find any of my recent resources and add them to my activity?

I don't understand what an "applet" is, so that may be the cause of my difficulties.

My work around is to save them locally and then upload the .ggb

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If you add a GeoGebra element, it means that you add a GeoGebra file. So uploading from your local computer is fine.

All the activities you create online are something more complex than just an applet: they contain not just the applet (that is the ggb file) but also - at least - a title, then other elements (like texts, questions, pdf files...) that you might have inserted.

If you want to collect more activities all together, you can create a GeoGebra Book. Each activity will be a "page" of that virtual book.

Please see the tutorials:


About your resources that you already created and uploaded on your profile page, the Web team is working at a better indexing of the site... this is why sometimes it's not possible to find them with a Search in the related bar. Please go to your profile page to find them all, or use a Google Search to find your public files.

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