Why can't I access the GeoGebra Exam Stick download?

mathmaster13 shared this question 2 years ago

When I try to access the GeoGebra stick page (here), I get a notifier telling me to log in. I type in my credentials, but instead of being taken to the page, I simply get another login popup. Cancelling gives a 401 Authorization Required Error, and with both autofill and manually typing in my password (I have also tried from multiple browsers), or with a different account, the same issue happens.

Here's the screen I get. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know how to access the GeoGebra Exam Stick ISO Download Page?

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Sorry, that's not available any more. See here for the currently supported exam options: http://www.geogebra.org/exam


Thank you; have a great day!

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