Where to download Geogebra classic Offline with all files in one .exe?

pstein shared this question 1 year ago

I the past I downloaded a Geogebra package classic Offline v6.0.472 which consists of only one .exe with all DLLs (and other files) included.

Where can I download this for the newest Geogebara release?

I didn't found this on the download page


When I e.g. download the portable package and extract the *.zip file then lots of DLLs file are created.

I prefer a one-file version (with statically linked DLLs inside the *.exe)


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The .dll files are needed to make the software work.

The Portable version doesn't modify the contents of your system. All the files bundled in the .zip are unzipped only in the destination folder.

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