When is 'ggbApplet.evalCommandGetLabels' evaluated?

Tarjei shared this question 3 years ago
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Is sometimes evaluation of `evalCommandGetLabels` postponed?

I have a problem where an object created through

let G = ggbApplet.evalCommandGetLabels('Rotate(A, Math.PI / 3, B)')
gets a name (typically A') if there's "enough time", but if the object is used right away, say through

ggbApplet.evalCommand(`Polygon(${G}, A, B)`)

it is sometimes used via its definition, meaning that in my Algebra view I get a polygon defined as

Polygon(Rotate(A, 1.05, B), A, B)

Is there a way short of going through the source code of figuring out when each behavior will occur?

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