When Does the "Voronoi" Command Fail to Execute?

Sean Miller shared this question 2 years ago

Hello, I want to know the conditions required to find the Voronoi lattice. The command appears to have very specific conditions as it is not quite working as expected in https://www.geogebra.org/ca....

"Voronoi(l1)", for some unknown reason, fails.

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Why hasn't this been answered yet? I posted this topic twice and nobody answered.


The link does not provide the necessary information because the program freezes and cannot be examined. It can also not be downloaded (as ggb-File)

Perhaps a statement is possible if you provide the program as a ggb-file as an attachment. It would also be useful to describe the purpose of the program.

I suspect a memory overflow because l1 contains too many points. Another possibility could be that the geometrical distribution of the points leads to an error.


there is no right to have questions answered. Nevertheless, the response rate is close to 100%. The quality of the questions and the given information influences the quality of the answers.


Sorry, Voronoi() command isn't designed for regular grids of points. I'm not sure when/if we'll be able to improve this

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