What is the Uniform Type Identifier for geogebra files?

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I'm working on an app for iOS, and currently trying to implement opening GeoGebra files (*.ggb) from other apps.

For example, the user could have a *.ggb file on Google Drive, and press the "Open with" button and then select my app from the list.

Problem is, for this to work I need the Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) for the *.ggb file, and so far I've had no luck what so ever in finding it.

On a Mac in a terminal, you can write "mdls <filename>,ggb" and then get information about the file, including the UTI, but there is no set UTI for *.ggb.

There is a dynamic UTI, namely dyn.ah62d4rv4ge80s35c, but that's to no avail either.

I know it's basically a renamed zip file, but unfortunately iOS doesn't care about that, it doesn't register *.ggb as a *.zip file.

And I also know the MIME-type is application/vnd.geogebra.file, or at least that's what I can find, but that's no use either.

So my question is: does anyone know what the official UTI is for *.ggb files?

Thanks in advance.

More info about UTI from Apple:



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