what is the limit of..

mohamed al sayes shared this question 9 years ago

as I know the limit of (x^4-2x^2)/(x^2-2x) as x approaches + inf the answer is inf

but I was reading an Example from an Arabic math book from Oman and the answer was the limit does not exist.

I opened the geogebra and the graph told me its - inf

I opened the derive and sketch it again I found the same - inf

then I tried (x^4-2x^2)/(x^2+2x) and I got + inf from the both geogebra and derive

my question is what is the answer of the limit of (x^4-2x^2)/(x^2-2x) as x approaches inf

if the answer is - inf then its not my day


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Thank you a lot Noel

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