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Welcome to the GeoGebraWeb Beta-Release forum

Michael Borcherds shared this question 8 years ago

GeoGebraWeb is our HTML5 version of GeoGebra that runs in all modern web browsers without the need for a Java plugin. It works on Chromebooks, Tablets, and modern desktop browsers (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

GeoGebra Web Application

* for Chrome:

* for other browsers:

GeoGebraTube also uses GeoGebraWeb (HTML5) applets on devices without Java (e.g. Tablets, Chromebooks). You can also try them on other computers by adding ?mobile=true on the end of the URL, eg

In this forum, feedback is welcome both for the GeoGebra web application as well as for HTML5 applets from GeoGebraTube.

Michael & Markus

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