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Dear GeoGebra users,

welcome to the GeoGebraTube forum for bug reports and your general feedback! GeoGebraTube is the new material sharing platform for GeoGebra worksheets, tools and links related to GeoGebra.

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You can upload your GeoGebra files using both the website and from GeoGebra directly using the menu item "File" -> "Export" -> "Upload to GeoGebraTube…".

Thank you for your feedback to improve GeoGebraTube!

With best regards,

Your GeoGebra Team

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22th May 2011 – v0.9

  • It is possible to change tools and worksheets now.
  • Categories have been renamed to Types and frontpage has been changed slightly.
  • Links pointing to GeoGebra.org (e.g. files in our old upload manager) can be stored as ggb files as well now.
  • The frontpage tag cloud is now displaying a correct list of tags.
  • The material page has been redesigned.

1st September 2011 – v1.0

  • Replaced star rating with likes and dislikes to simplify giving feedback and to make the ratings of different materials easier to compare (rating = likes - dislikes)
  • Removed automatic resizing of applets, the size is just restricted to 1600px for both width and height now
  • Small bug fixes :)

8th September 2011 – v1.1

  • You can delete your own materials now
  • URLs in description texts are automatically converted to clickable links
  • The headline of "newest materials" and "best rated materials" on the frontpage leads to a list with more materials.

18th September 2011 – v1.2

  • You can copy other people's materials now
  • You can edit materials now without having to re-upload your file using applets

6th October 2011 – v1.3

  • Size of 3.2 files calculated correctly now

6th March 2012 – v1.4

  • Search for users by name
  • Download materials as HTML
  • Enhanced embed code (now for Mediawiki, Wordpress and Moodle as well)
  • Better support for 4.2 and 5.0 files
  • Support for international characters in tags
  • Simplified collections

14th April 2012 – v1.5

  • User list / top users
  • New styling possibilities for lists
  • Better support for RTL languages
  • Timezone selection
  • Editing commands
  • Various bugfixes


26th September 2012 – v1.8

  • User profiles
  • Various bugfixes

26th October 2012 – v1.8.x

  • 'Similar materials' section
  • Small bugfixes

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