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Markus Hohenwarter shared this question 17 years ago

Dear GeoGebra Users!

The GeoGebra User Forum lets you discuss your questions about GeoGebra with other users. As a guest you may read all articles. In order to ask or answer questions, please register.

Before you post a question make sure that it has not been answered in the forum or the GeoGebra Help already:

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* GeoGebra Quickstart

Please note: due to ongoing spam problems, if your first post just says "I agree" or contains a link to a site eg with adverts then your account will be deleted.

Have a lot of fun in the discussions here!

Markus Hohenwarter

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Is it possible to contact the creator of an app that is posted? Occasionally someone makes a very nice applet but has a mathematical error. I would like folks to be able to reach out to me for corrections and v.v.


Bonjour ,

cette demande de pouvoir joindre d'une façon ou d'une autre les auteurs de ressources a été faite plusieurs fois mais n'a jamais reçu de réponse . Ca existe pourtant sur d'autres forums ou applications et ce serait un plus très apprécié pour GeoGebra .


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