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Dear GeoGebra users!

This forum lets you give feedback on GeoGebra 5. Please find the latest notes about it here


Chrome App


Web App


Download installers here (Windows, OSX, Linux)


and portable versions are available here:


If you have trouble running the desktop app, please make sure 3D is working on your computer by checking this applet:


When you report a bug in GeoGebra 5 please always provide the following information:

* Version and date (see "Help" menu, "About")

* Your operating system (e.g. WinXP pro, MacOS X 10.4, SuSE Linux 9.1)

* Your graphics card

* Your Java version e.g. Java 1.5.0_22, Java 1.6.0_23 (see "Help" menu, "About")

* Steps of how to reproduce the bug

Thank you for your help to improve GeoGebra!

Best wishes,

Mathieu Blossier

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