Wave propagating in the opposite sense of the direction for specific values

Caio Chagas do Amaral shared this question 2 years ago

Greetings from Brazil!

I'm currently developing an app using the parametric curve command: a = Curve(u, H*cos(ωt -βu),u, -λ,2λ). When I move the t slider the wave propagates towards +x according to the argument of the cosine: ωt -βu. The problem is that when ω < 1750 the wave propagates towards -x, which is wrong, mathematically speaking. All variables I defined can only be positive so I really need an explanation or help for this case. I'm using the GeoGebra App for Google Chrome to edit this file but in GeoGebra Classic 5 for Windows 10 the problem continues.

The file is attached.

Thank you for your time!

Files: Test.ggb

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try :

increment of slider t = 0.001



It works when I manually increase the slider t but when I try to animate it in a crescent way the problem continues :/ Do you have another suggestion?

Thank your for your response!


Whoa, I just figured it out! Don't mind my last reply. Thank you!

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