Virtual Keyboard is gone for good on Web

philippzüsli shared this question 3 years ago
Needs Answer

Hey there!

I noticed, that if I close the virtual keyboard by clicking on 'X' I cant find any other way to get it back than deleting cookies/cache.

I noticed it working on this activity:

To Recreate:

1. Select Tool 'Circle: Centre & Radius'

2. Select a Point. A Dialog and the keyboard will appear to enter a Radius.

3. Click 'X' on the keyboard, than cancel dialog.

4. Selecting another or the same point will now open the dialog but not the keyboard.

Thats pretty bad on touch-devices as there will now be no way to enter any value. I am most certainly sure some students will "achieve" this.

Googleing suggestet to open the keyboard via View -> Keyboard, however I cant find such option. Infact I cant find any icon or anything in the menu to bring it back.

Is there any other way to get the keyboard back than deleting cookies and/or cache?

Thanks already for your help!

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