Vinkel med given størrelse

Sanne Hegner shared this question 5 years ago

The tool “Angle with given size” is not working every time when given angles over the size of 50.

What can my students and I do?

Kind regards Sanne Hegner, Skorpeskolen Privatskole

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I'm sorry but am not able to replicate your issue, both in v.5 and v.6 Classic.

Which version of GeoGebra are you using, and on which OS?

What do you get when you select the tool, the points and enter the angle width?

Can you please enclose a screenshot of the issue?


I will find out which version we are using.

It happens with angels that are more than 53.

I hav eenclosed a screenshot, where I have asked for an angle at 55. It gives me an angle at 271,27????

The problem comes and goes (mostly comes:) and several of my students have the problem as well. Some of us also can’t remove the coordinate system.


Hi Simona

The version is classic no 6 and iOS is 11.2.5.

I have enclosed to photoes.

One where you can see the result of an angle at 22,5 - the result 209.16 makes no sense... Earlier I wrote, that the problem where for angels more than 53, but now it’s worse.

The other shows another problem. I can’t remove the coordiante system. I have drawn an arrow to the “button” I normaly use for that.

We have tried to update the app and to day I have reinstalled it. It’s the same, but the angel-tool is now getting all angels wrong.

Do you, or anyone else recognize the problems?

Kind regars


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