Version 3.2 remains still performing

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While version 4 geogebra will become operational in a few months is not the time to bury version 3.2.46 which is not yet fully exploited and is still impressive enough for the geometry and the 3D.(see file in 3.2) In addition, version 3.2 is the fastest for my old and aged computer

Please, could you keep the downloaded version 3.2 a few times even when the version4 becomes the official version


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I fully agree with Daniel. The idea that 3.2 would not be available any longer is a terrible idea for me.

3.2 is stable, fast and we all have learned to deal with some minor bugs.

Please keep 3.2 available!



I like 3.2 for the older machines and would like to keep it, my classroom machines are in there 5th year and there is no budget to get new ones. It would be nice, if an easy fix for minor bugs is learned while doing the new versions (do not try until version 4 is ready, priority there.)



Regarding the amount of sites that link to 3.2 as codebase for applets, there seems to be no other option anyway :)

Just those minor bugs Daniel mentioned won't be fixed in 3.2.

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