Using points to make a scatter plot and line of best fit

Barry Williams shared this question 4 years ago

I would like to demonstrate a scatter plot in class by getting students to come up and put a point on our interactive white board (IWB) of the time it takes them to get to school vs the distance they live from school. Which I can do and create the points.

However can I tell geogebra these points are for a scatter plot and to generate a line of best fit.

I know I could put these values in a spreadsheet but I would like the students to use the visual element of creating a scatter manually

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So I have found how to insert a line of best fit

is it possible to find the r and r^2 value to determine the level of correlation?


Use command CorrelationCoefficient

then square the result for r^2, if you use that definition of r^2.


Thankyou Simona

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