using GeoGebra during Maths lessons

Nina Novoselova shared this idea 3 years ago

Hello everyone!

I've created new topic to share the information about using Interactive Geometry Software at school. I'm a teacher from Russia and also a postgraduate student who is making a research about influence and effects of using IGS on learning Mathematics.

- Do you have an experience of GeoGebra during Maths lessons?

- How much time do you devote to demonstrate models or work together with students?

- Do you let students work individually with this program?

- If you have this ^ opportunity does it happen during lesson or additional classes for those who wants?

- Do you let them work at home with this software as a hometask?

P.S. that is my 1st topic so I don't know whether you can answer here or not so I leave my e-mail: .

Thank you very much for your attention!

If you have any information to share that can help me I will appreciate it much!

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