Using CAS (Computer Algebra System) to solve equations that require multiple steps.

sal22 shared this question 3 years ago
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Thanks to all the help I've received in the forum I was able to get this far

I'm trying to solve equations using Geogebra's CAS (Computer Algebra System) that require multiple steps.

I know I can solve and substitute values into equations using CAS and the commands

Substitute(2x + 3y - z, {x = a, y = 2, z = b}) and Solve(t_k=2*pi*k-θ_a(0)+θ_b(0)/(w_a+w_b),t_k)

My two questions are:

1) How would we go about solving equations using CAS that require multiple steps like in the link below with out using Geogebra built in functions like intersect (which does multiple operations behind the scene). The people where kind enough on Mathematics Exchange to create the equations needed.


2) Can the changes made in the sliders angular velocity be linked to CAS so if we change the angular velocity sliders it also updates the CAS data?

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