Using algebra for counting angles between fixed points

Q-bak shared this question 5 years ago

Hello !

I am a student at my last year in college an I am looking for a topic for an article to write. I've found geogebra and I've told myself that this program can be very useful for orthodontics analysys of x-ray photos. So there goes my (rookie i guess) question - is it possible for this program to count angels between fixed points (which would be placed randomly) and then export them into a table ?

Thank you very much for all the answers !

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Hi ... welcome to the GeoGebra-Forum ...

do you have an example-picture to show what you mean?

A may be important information: GeoGebra is not able to examine automaticaly a picture. You need to define thoose points by hand and define what angles you mean.

If there are mathematically defined points it could be done more automaticaly.

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