Using a play button to change one variable first, then the other

Dr Deepak Shah shared this question 3 years ago

I'm trying to show my students how areas on the normal distribution can be found using the standard normal distribution.

I've set it up so they can move two sliders (one for μ and one for σ) to the values they require.

The next bit - which I can't do - is to have PLAY button, which they can press and:

First, μ will drop to zero

then σ will drop to 1

Can I do that with 1-play button?

Thanks in advance for your help...

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Hope this is what you need.

Basically I've changed the speed of μ and σ as Increasing (once) and set those speed as -1 under the conditions you set, and 0 otherwise.

Check the Speed definitions of μ and σ.

The button starts animations of μ and σ.


Hi Simona,

Superb - thank you for that... I looked at how you achieved that, so hopefully, I'll be able to do it myself next time.

I've still got a slight problem (that I didn't forsee):

When the animation reduces μ to zero, I'd like it to also decrease X by the same amount...

and when the animation reduces σ to 1, I'd like it to divide (X-μ) by σ

In other words, I'd like the shaded area to move in unison with the curve...

Is that possible?

Thanks again!

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