USB drive with GeoGebra for exams

Markus Hohenwarter shared this question 10 years ago

Dear friends,

I am looking for people who have experience in creating / working with USB flash drives with GeoGebra in exams. Please note that I am not looking for standard bootable USB drives but for special exam environments that

* boot from USB flash drive

* do not allow network access

* do not allow hard drive (or other drive) access on the client computer

* optionally allow saving files to the boot USB flash drive



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Here is a ready made exam solution with GeoGebra from Switzerland:


I know MalinC has tried this but I don't know how active she is in this forum anymore. They used a special linux USB-drive that the students were used to using.

Apparently you can get Windows 8 to do the same if (big if!) you have the enterprise edition which some schools may have in future.

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