update make-vanilla-jars script

pablgonz shared this question 9 years ago
Needs Answer

It is a suggestion to developers, could you update the option "tidy up" in the script "make-vanilla-jars" to remove unnecessary files for version 4.2.

And two consultation (and suggestion)

1.Why do you use "sed" on several lines in deployggb42 (script) rather than "-e" ?

2.The process described in https://dev.geogebra.org/tr... to install jogl1 and using "ant -f kickstart.xml geogebra4-developer-commandline"

better a single script to download everything (jogl1 and 2) and with the option "tydy up" and "cv" in "make-vanilla-jars" removing unused file, like this :

    ant -f kickstart.xml geogebra-developer-commandline

its only suggestion to developers



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