Unwanted 'Restart' button appearing below applet in Worksheet

alexander.wilson shared this question 5 years ago

I have made a worksheet for my students containing 3 applets. For none of the three of them have I ticked the 'Show icon to reset construction' option in the Advanced menu.

When I go into 'View Worksheet' from my dashboard I can see a Restart blue button under my 3rd applet, and not the other two.

  • This is not visible in 'Edit Worksheet' view.
  • This is the only applet where it matters that they cannot restart it!
  • I've scripted a button that fixes the position of 5 coordinates that they've been asked to position, and reveals the correct answers for their location, so allowing them to restart the applet defeats the whole point of them of locking their predictions.

Can anybody please advise me how to get rid of the button, or if it is not possible as I've put various scripted buttons in the applet.



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This is a known issue, I mean, I already told the Materials Team that this is happening to me, too. Morevover, it seems to me that this happen more frequently when I upload or modify old materials (dated 2005 etc...).

Anyway, to get rid of it, scroll down the worksheet page in Edit mode, select Worksheet Settings at the bottom of the page, then deselect the option Save the state of the worksheet in View mode.

Click again Worksheet Settings, then Save and Close.

Unfortunately, if you edit the worksheet again, that option appears as flagged again most of the times, and you need to repeat the procedure.

I'm passing your post to the Materials Team, since the issue hasn't been cleared.


Thanks Simona, I'll see if that works for me too.

My concern would be that I want to share this worksheet as an assignment in Google Classroom. That way at the end of the assessment time I can ask them to click 'Submit' and it freezes the state of the worksheet so that I can grade their work. If I deselect the 'Save the state of the worksheet in View mode' option then it sounds from that description that it won't retain the state of their responses when they submit. I'll try setting up a dummy class and checking what happens.

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