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Anantha Murali Krishna shared this question 6 months ago
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Dear all,

I using Geogebra to model the volume and surface area of the packaged drinking water bottle.

My length of the bottle is 27 cm in actual whereas the picture that I have uploaded shows 13 units on Geogebra. When I found the volume, I found it is a high value as this 935474000.

How do I get the actual value and what should be the conversion units? for both volume and surface area.

Kindly help.


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I am afraid you have to post an example to explain what you mean...


Dear Hawe,

I am modeling a bottle's curved surface by using geogebra, by selecting some points on its curved surface, and used fitpoly function to get a polynomial. After I use this function to find the volume and surface area the answers are really big values.


Please post your .ggb file

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