Unexpectedly 'Derivative' function in CAS got the wrong answer!

Sherif Ibrahim Seif shared this problem 1 year ago


When I plugin f(sec(x)) inside the Derivative function where f is an arbitrary function, sec is reciprocal of the cosine function.

Derivative(f(sec(x)),x) returns (sin(x) * f'(1 / cos(x) / (cos(x))^(2))) instead of (sin(x) / (cos(x))^(2) * f'(1 / cos(x)))

By applying the chain rule /cos(x)^2 should be outside the f' function not inside as CAS return.

You can check wolfram alpha if this isn't clear.

I hope you get the idea.966d8fd69196f30037f5759efe47c93a

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Fixed for v650

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