Undo-Redo capabilities

krebsmathclass shared this question 9 years ago

When I go to reopen a saved Geogebra File the Undo-Redo cue of steps has vanished. You can no longer back up to see what you did to make what you made.

Is there anyway that I can retain this capacity so that when I reopen a saved file I can back up to show students how things were constructed?



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Right click in the Graphics view > Navigation bar. This lets you step through the construction.




I think this question is the right place for this RFC of mine. I hope someone is looking at this, possibly I will open a new question. I think that undo/redo and the flow of the construction capture two different aspects of a GGB activity. In particular I am working on an extension of the facilities offered by the Moodle plugin mod_geogebra. The plugin is really useful but in some aspects I find it unsatisfactory. When a GGB activity is proposed for self evaluation the plugin stores the student's "construction" but actually student's answers are lost. In several cases (see the attached GGB from here) the activity is a sequence of questions and storing the completed "construction" leaves the teacher with little knowledge of the student's process. In this framework my plea is for a way of saving both the final construction and all the user actions so that one can replay the exercise and document the final note.


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